31 December, 2014

12 from 2014

Hi there,

this is only a short look back on some pics I produced in 2014.

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful and creative 2015!!!

All pics processed with my textures (or others ;-) some on iPhone, some with PS on my iMac.

Check out my textures here: TEXTURE PACKS

See you in 2015!
Thanks, Dirk

18 December, 2014

Carry On - Evolution of a Picture

today I wanted to present a picture that I really liked from the beginning, but that I had great difficulties to process. I took several attempts on several levels of the processing to achieve the final look and feeling of the picture.

Here is the final result:

Carry On

Recently I love playing around with / processing winter images, I especially love cool blue tones in combination with red or orange leaves. The above picture features less red leaves, but another component that I like: a solitary person passing by. This always adds something mysterious and kind of tells a story.

The Start - Lightroom

I started with this picture -

Carry On raw
As you can see it i nothing too special about this picture, but still I liked the overall atmosphere of this misty dark winter afternoon. I also had the feeling that this might be not so easy, because the many trees and elements would make it hard to focus on the little person.

Next I chose one of the Lightroom presets I made for snowy sceneries and tweaked the result to finally get tones I liked:

Carry On LR
I thought this is something that I could build upon and loaded this into Photoshop and started applying textures, but the results weren't satisfying - I found them to cluttered and without appeal.

Processing in Photoshop

Content Aware Scale
After my vain attempts to texturize this picture I thought I try the Content Aware Scale tool of Photoshop CC and see what would happen with the picture. I extended the canvas size to a square and placed the original picture at the bottom of the canvas. Then I simply dragged the upper end upwards and got this -

I liked the result, though some parts were a bit out of scale but I thought I could live with that.

I was interested in the middle part of the picture, especially the lone walker. I decided to use a PS filter /Lens Blur) to blur the edges left and right of he picture.

Additionally I added a motion blur of 230px. The picture was now pretty blurry, but I had planned to erase parts of it using a clipping mask to bring back some detail. Please see Layers for reference.

The picture now looked like this:

I finally had a picture that I could build upon.

Processing with textures

I chose three textures Friction had some vertical scratches that I liked and helped to darken the blurred edges of the picture to direst the viewers eyes to the middle of the image.
deKonstrukt added some color variety and subtle patterns that I liked and Grotto Azul further enhanced the blue hues.

You'll find the textures here:

Mixed Specialties and here Vintage Film and Photography

Finally I worked a bit on the colors and the contrast and Carry On was ready to be published.

Thanks for reading,

02 December, 2014

Color gradients and textures II

as mentioned before, I often use color gradients in my work. I must admit, that this is somehow inspired by my work for the app Stackables and of course by the possibilities gradients offer to enhance moods and atmospheres in pictures.

I have created a set of 30 color gradients, that I often use in my work and made it available to purchase on Creative Market here:


To demonstrate the effect two of these gradients have please have a look at the following images:

Unprocessed version

Morning Light Bare

Processing One

I wanted the light tones closer to the lawn in front to add a more coherent fell to the image. Please take a look at the Photoshop layers for this picture:

The gradient layer made all the difference in this - additionally I chose two textures to support the the tones of the image and enhance the fog a bit.

Textures are from AUTUMN HAZE PACK

Processing Two

In this I wanted the sky to have a warm orange/red tone that is more associated with a sunrise. Again the basic color mood was created with the help of a gradient. The added textures supported the overall color choice a mood.

Again, please check out the layers from Photoshop:

Textures are from AUTUMN HAZE PACK

I hope that you can get some inspiration out of this. Please search for other examples on my blog

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Thanks for reading!

28 November, 2014

Black Friday Sale & 10 new textures with frames


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Texture packs & Pick Your Own

I also added 10 new textures with frames that give a wonderful old time style to your pictures not unlikely like the ones in the Vintage Film & Photography Pack.

Scroll to the end of the Build Your Own Texture Pack gallery to find them

Have a nice weekend!


16 October, 2014

Pick Your Own ARTISTIC Pack - 16 new painterly textures added

I have just added 16 new textures to the Build Your Your Own texture pack !!!

These were created over the last months some of them to be used in the app Stackables, that I am contributing textures, gradients and filters to.

The build your own gallery now features over 150 textures to chose from!

Prices are
10 textures for 7.90 € / 11 US$
20 textures for 14,90 € / 19 US$
30 textures for 19,90 € / 27 US$
40 textures for 24,90 € /33 US$

I processed the following picture with two of the new textures:

Fall 2014 discount
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Thanks very much,

10 October, 2014

Fall Frame - softly textured Vertorama / Fall Promo

it is that time of the year again that I really love to capture.
I still have to wait for the right weather over here, but the forecast is very promising for the next days, so I better get my gear ready...

Going through my shots from last fall, my eyes fell on two shot. First I didn't realized that they had a lot of potential. These were ideal candidates for a moody and misty autumn vertorama.

A vertorama is a vertical panorama of two or more shots merged together in Photoshop or any other suitable software.  Have a closer look at this technique here:

First I'd like to show you the result of my work:
Please move over the picture to see the before/after


Preparing the files

I started out with two photos that I had to capture with different settings. 
I knew that I wanted to blend these two, but the problem was the dark foreground and the very bright sky with the sun about to come through the mist.

That meant I had to process them differently - I started with the bottom pic:

It was shot at 1/125 s Iso 200 and f 10

Apart from the tones I enhanced the foreground with a gradient filter and played around with the curves layer to get as much detail as possible without losing the misty softness. 

When I was satisfied it looked like that:

One can copy the processing of a picture and apply it on another shot in Lightroom, that's what I did with this, although I was sure that it wouldn't be perfect and that I had to correct at least the exposure.

The raw file looked like that:

It was shot at 1/400 s Iso 200 and f 10

I applied the settings of the first picture and had only adjust the light hoping that my corrections would be perfect for the merging.  I checked the histogram while doing the adjustments, but it only took a bit of playing around with the exposure setting to achieve a picture suitable for merging.

I skip the merging of the two pictures, because I covered this in a previous post that you can check out using the link I  posted at the beginning.


My goal was to keep as much of the atmosphere and tones as possible or even enhance the whole picture a bit by my choice of textures

Please take a look at the layers:

It took quite some time to find textures that added something interesting to this - Rose Mist was perfect, because it added a rough red frame to the sky - a perfect addition to the red bottom of the image. Worn Map brought a bit grunge and light to the dark tree leaves in the upper left corner of the picture. After adding the textures I only had to correct the red tones a bit and I was satisfied with the result.

Thanks for reading!

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Have a great weekend!


26 September, 2014

Making of FLUX

I am quite busy at the moment...
I started collecting my Lightroom presets and categorized them. So expect some of them as a pack in the future. I became aware that I use them quite often before I proceed adding textures in Photoshop. One can easily set a mood & tone and there is still the opportunity to play around with the settings to accommodate the image it was used upon.

This was the case with my image FLUX.

Here is a sequence of the main stages

The original picture was shot around noon on a stormy day in the south of the island La Palma /Canary Islands. This rocky beach belongs to the volcanic part of the island, there is barley a plant only black lava stones and ash. The first picture is out of the cam, before I applied a Lightroom preset. These kind of landscapes or seascapes are ideal for my kind of surreal treatment. The hardest thing sometimes is to find the right tones for the mood I want to express. A lot of this is experimenting until I have the feeling " Yes, that is something I can build upon".

The cloudless blue sky was in need for one of my cloud textures. I chose JUNO from the Build-your-own-texture-pack but wasn't satisfied when I added it. I felt the need to further abstraction. I added a motion blur and did the same to the water. I took quite some time to select the water, but finally the result was quite satisfying.

There still was something missing - I decided to add a seagull heading for the rock.

Have a look at the layers:

From bottom to top:

I used the picture processed  in LR and selected the water  Most of the time I use Photoshop's Quick Selection tool and later do some fine tuning. As you can see I also used a layer mask and smart filters to have more control on the blur.

Added the bird and gave it a little motion blur

Added a bit light/haze on the water close to the horizon, thought that the clouds would reflect like that.

Added part of the sky texture and merged it with the background a bit by making it shine through (see layer mask)

Finally added some textures from the Vintage-Film-Photography-Pack

The first curves layer enhanced light and contrast.
The 2nd curves layer was for a correction of tones. I reduced the yellow and added a bit blue in the blue channel.

Further contrast enhancement with the help of the Levels tool.

Again, thanks for reading and have a nice weekend!


06 August, 2014

My images used as bookcovers

this morning I encountered another work of mine on the cover of a book that has recently been published in Italy. I thought this a good moment to show some covers and pictures that you won't know from me, because I never posted them before.
I must admit, that it has been a goal / a dream of mine when I started with photography, to find my stuff used as a book - or record cover one day.

tWisteD REality

Occasionally I had been asked to provide a picture and sold them to smaller publishers or musicians, but since I am working with larger picture libraries, especially with Trevillion Images.
Recently I submitted my 100th accepted picture and I am keen on adding more and see the one or the other on many more books.
Big thanks to them!

I also had the pleasure to work with Jazz musician Dhafer Youssef on his latest album. I save the story of this work for a later post.

 Comparison actual picture / book 

My pic Faked Dreamtime is the image I talked about earlier. It is also a book cover where I am actually the person in the picture.

faked dreamtime

Usually the designers change the actual pictures more than the ones I a presenting to you.

Another one is "Smell of raisins, cones & needles"

I like that they actually added two more birds or cloned the one I had in the picture.

New works at Trevillion Images

Lately some new pictures were accepted that I wanted to show you:

Snow Firs

Covered Country

Snow walk

4 against the storm

Thanks for reading!

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Have a great day!

01 August, 2014

New Vintage Film & Photography Pack out + August Discount

Hello to all,
I am proud o announce my new

Vintage Film & Photography Pack

Over the last weeks I created a pack of 27 handmade textures and overlays reminiscent of old vintage glass negatives / tin types and emulsion plates. I hope you will find, that I caught their essence quite well.

Please take a closer look at the textures over on my hompage:

They are 19.90€ / app. 27 US$

But you can benefit from my August discount of -20% until the end of the month by entering the coupon code:

at the check-out!!!

How to apply them

I only used two textures on this foggy forest scene.
In general I would recommend to use the lighter colored textures with the Multiply or Overlay/ Soft Light blend mode. The dark ones add a lot of grit, grain and other effects. These you should start to use in Screen or Lighten blend mode.
Of course, you can always play around a see what works best for you!


Here is also a small screenshot of the layers :

Thanks very much and have a great weekend!

02 June, 2014

New Clouds & Sky textures added + reduced prices

I added a couple of abstract sky-scapes and cloud and sky inspired textures to my


To illustrate the effect you can achieve with these kind of overlays/textures I added some recent works where I used them to make more out of the skie's negative space.
Move over the pictures to see the before and after effect!

On top of La Palma
Ash Mountains
To learn more on how to apply skies to your landscape shots I'd like to suggest reading my blog posts

New Price Structure

Good news - essentially every textures pack is much cheaper than before....
the price of one texture within a pack is down to app. 1 US$ as opposed to 1€ before!!

Have a nice week!